Pure Emotion

Materics Audio is the result of a passion for audiophilia and the most innovative research, to create the best products that can reproduce the most exciting and faithful sound for the listeners.

An emotion that comes not only from listening, but also from the beauty and uniqueness of the material with which we make all products Materics Audio: Azanite A1+

Materics Audio brings the highest quality audio into a new dimension: a new shape and a new material that gives substance to emotions.

Materics Audio

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Pure Emotion100%

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Materics Audio products are made of Azanite A+ which, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, allows you to obtain first-class acoustic performance, a sinuous design and a range of colours and textures from which to choose and customize your product.
The advantages of using Azanite do not stop at the chassis and frame, thanks to the rigidity of the material that dampens vibrations, but also extends to the electronics, to improve the performance and performance of the components used.

Materics Audio is building a complete line up of products with one common denominator: the Azanite A1+. Find out all of them!