Azanite, really rocks!

What is Azanite A+?

When designing the products we realised that no material had the properties we were looking for. Traditional materials such as wood suffer from resonances and often introduce unwanted colouration in the sound: you’re not hearing the speaker, you are hearing the wood. Stone, on the other hand, works wonderfully as it offers clean sound, as it has close to to resonance. Wood may be easy to work with and is relatively affordable, but it has unwanted acoustic properties; stone has good acoustic properties, but is not usable to create compact speakers. No existing material could effectively answer our needs. So we invented one.

Azanite A+ has the acoustic properties of stone while having the same light weight and the ability to be shaped of wood. It is an artificial stone material created by the labs of AGS, our parent company. After years of trials and experiments with different materials, we finally found the right answer: Azanite checks all the right boxes, as it can’t be easily scratched or damaged, it is fireproof, it can bear high temperatures as well as high humidity, it can’t be attacked by acids and it is easily maintained and cleaned.

Not only are our products in Azanite timeless in design, but they are also everlasting. Whether it is our amplifier or our speakers, our products are a heirloom to be passed on to the next generation and a great example of 21st century’s finest design.

Qualities that reach to the realm of acoustics

Acoustic advantage

Azanite’s qualities go beyond its physical properties and reach to the realm of acoustics. Thanks to its extreme rigidity, this solid material offers acoustic properties similar to stone: the main advantage it offers is the cancellation of any resonance that would alter the sound of the speakers. This grants that the sound coming from Materics Audio speakers is pristine and crystal clear, allowing you to dive into music feeling like the musicians are playing right in front of you.

Everlasting beauty

Just like natural stone, Azanite can be coloured in many different shades. As it is an extremely flexible material, we can offer you a wide variety of colours that include black, white and marble, so that you will be able to make every product truly your own.

No two units are the same: every product has different shades and slightly different colours due to the way Azanite is worked on. That is just like natural stone: you can’t find two perfectly identical pieces of marble, nor two identical pieces of granite. So, similarly to products that are made of natural materials, products made with Azanite are unique.